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I normally work from my home office where I make use of communication and sharing tools like Skype, Teamviewer and Dropbox, over and above the project management, download and support facilities on my website.

To develop on-line documentation or training material that complies with your requirements, we follow a controlled and well-managed development process. Afour Technical Communications manages the process right from the first contact point, in four phases:

Afour Methodology


Phase One

The initial contact phase. 

You contact me or I get in touch with you – we meet and discuss your requirements.

Initiation & Definition

Pre-engagement Meeting
General Project Description and other Discussion Points
Establish documentation type required
Establish expected Audience
Establish Publication Medium
Establish Technical / Review Assistance Method
Establish Scheduling
Establish Review Process
Establish Project control structure

Phase Two

Here we do all the legal stuff.

Proposal creation and submission, NDAs, Copyright cessions, Invoicing, Conclude an agreement. 

Establish Legal fundamentals 

NDA, Project Metadata, Meeting Management, Proposals/Agreements


Administrative Information Gathering
Agreement signature
Invoice submitted and paid


Client Homework
Kick-off meeting

Phase Three

The Design Phase.

Here we gather all the necessary information and stuff from you and put it in a prototype.

Planning & Design

Detailed system training
Determine the Theme Design
Determine style of documentation
Estimate size and capability of project software
Determine functional design of project software
Establish user support
Gather resource material
Gather content material
Analyse requirements
Compile project scope
Conduct audience and task analysis
Create outline

Phase Four

The Production (writing), Review (editing) and Delivery Phase.

This is the fun part, we build it, show it to you, you check it out for accuracy and correctness. If necessary, we change it, mould it, fix it . . . and we go round and round till it's done. Within limits of the scope and timeline, of course.


Write the content


First Draft Phase
Second Draft Phase
Testing & Editing
Finalise Index & Glossary
Proofread final draft


Create final output
Submit and deliver final acceptance copy
Review final acceptance copy with Client
Incorporate Client review changes, as needed
Proofread final information product, as needed
Deliver final documentation product to Client
Deliver all source material and copyright to Client
Project Sign-off




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